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Gorgeous photos of scenic Hawai'i by professional photographer Charlene Meyers, signed by the artist.

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Halemaumau Crater

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Ocean Entry and Water Spout

Bright Glow in the Dark

Pele at Night

Lava and Ocean Dance

Lava Tube Skylight

Twin Skylights

Twin Skylights

After the Second Event

Kilauea Iki Crater and Halemaumau Plume

Halema'uma'u Just Before She Blew

New Plume From Halema'uma'u

Ocean Display

Surreal Ocean Entry

Steamy Lava and the Sea

Lava Skylight

Lava Streams at Dusk

Off the Pali to the Sea

Dusk and the Ocean Dances

Fireworks After Dark

Glowing in the Dark

Flow with Glow

Lava and Daylight

Pele Watches

Big Lava

Ropey and Hot

Lava Arm

Swirling Ocean and Lava

Fireworks and the Sea